Caution if/when purchasing from 2WheelPros.com. They do not say so on their website, or when you place an order with them; but they ship FedEx with Signature Required and the person signing must be the person it was shipped to.

Simple enough; but the result is that you MUST be at home during normal working hours to receive the shipment or you MUST personally go to a physical FedEx location before 6:00 PM to show ID and sign for it. I sent 2WheelPros.com an email and asked them to please change the requirement to allow a neighbor to sign for it or to allow me to sign the Door Tag that FedEx leaves so that they could leave it the following day. Between the email and/or a Signed Door Tag this releases FedEx and 2WheelPros.com of any liability for a part that might be stolen from the residence following delivery.

2WheelPros.com refused and threatened to charge me 20% and the return shipping costs telling me that it was my responsibility to be at home or to go to a Fed Ex location and pick the part up. The problem is that I purchased the part On-Line precisely because I can not drive (temporary medical condition) to get the part.

Be advised: 2WheelPros.com employs complete morons and is completely focused on their convenience and none regarding the customer.

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If you can't drive, then why aren't you at home to receive the part?

Winnetka, California, United States #686361

First of all, the person on the label does not have to be present to sign, anyone at the delivery address can sign. Package can be picked up at a local Fedex location if preferred, that particular location is open 7am-11pm Monday to Friday, and 9am-9pm Saturday and Sunday. This particular location is located exactly 1.5 miles from the person's hourse. Let's call this person "Paul". Paul, was advised that we cannot change the signature required requirement since the package has already shipped, and Paul was advised of the options.

Instead Paul has decided to commit credit card fraud. He disputed the credit card transaction, then went and picked up the package from Fedex the next day.

I too thought this was ridiculous especially since the signature required is only applied to certain shipments over a certain amount.

Beware of Paul Shaffer from Long Beach, CA - he will commit fraud at your business and then lie about it online.

to 2WheelPros #1073091

And you will commit slander and accuse people of anything won't you. .

Just so you don't have to be accountable for acting like a tool. I really feel bad that you can't employ one person to come to your basement and be nice to customers so you can be seen and not heard.

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