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This is a response to an email in which I accused them of harassment on the fifth response about a shipping issue this is a horrible thing to write to your customers.

Harassment"? Now you are either trying to be "clever" of offensive.

You decided to volunteer your opinion out there to the public in addition to these emails - you need to take responsibility for that. These days everyone is brave behind that computer keyboard but when someone actually calls them out on it, they say "its harassment". I would say you are actually harassing us - wasting tons of our time for what should have been done after the first reply email. Come on, you are an adult (I hope), and you know exactly why we responded. If you didn't post the review, we would have never contacted you. Because we DO care about what people say about us, especially if they post unfounded statements that slander our business. That is why we contacted you.

What really should have happened, is once we replied to you (the first email) it should have ended there - but apparently you felt you needed to continue this. So ok, we upgraded your shipping - again, should have ended there. But no - you think you need to go on.

We wish you luck in your business (not sure if I would call a "Multi-Level Marketing" company a business though), but we prefer you do not do any future business with us. Fortunately we have thousands upon thousands of fantastic happy customers who do not need to do this to us. I am guessing you have a rather small business, and you will eventually learn that there is absolutely no need to retain "every" customer. Some are just not worth the hassle.

Please do not reply to this. We are blocking your email address so we do not have to waste more time reading complete nonsense. Your order was shipped via USPS Priority and you should receive it in 2 days. Hopefully it will end there.


This reviewer shared experience and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). Layinwait is overall dissatisfied with 2wheelpros and uploaded a picture. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Looks like the shipping was upgraded to 2 day at no charge which for some strange reason caused this person to feel because we asked why she would post a negative review after we went out of our way to get the order to her faster. You be the judge - keeping in mind, she only selected the out of context emails that make her sound sane.

We could post her absurd and harassing emails to us, but we don't want to stoop down to her level.

We'll give a free plug to this person's business - in case you are planning on doing any business with her.

The claim is - "diets don't work" only truvisionhealth does - where has this magic pill been all this time!

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